Steel Palisade

Steel Palisade gives a physical and visible deterrent against vandalism and intruders. It is manufactured from hot rolled mild steel strip, set vertically and fixed to horizontal cross rails of steel angle from top and bottom.  Palisade fencing is easy to assemble and once assembled, offers a security system that is robust, long lasting and easily repairable. All palisade components are supplied hot dip galvanised to give long term weather resistance. Palisade is the best fencing system to use on slope ground.


All steel palisade products are generally supplied hot dip Galvanised to BS729 (superseded by BS EN ISO 1461) to give long term weather resistance. Pales can also be supplied in a plain mild steel finish.


There is an option of a wide range of powder coating RAL colours




  • Police stations and Law enforcement areas
  • Railway Line/Track Protection
  • Motorways and Highway Protection
  • Industrial Estates
  • Commercial Sites
  • Power Stations

Pale Profile

‘D’ section pale                                          ‘W’ section pale

Pale Top

Single Pointed            Triple Pointed             Round Top       Round & Notched                   Straight

Fence Height    Pale Length        Post Length               Post Centre                  Angle Rail       

1.0m                 950mm               1450mm                      2750mm                                    45x45x6

1.2m                 1150mm                          1650mm                      2750mm                                    45x45x6

1.5m                 1450mm                          1920mm                      2750mm                                    45x45x6

1.8m                 1750mm                          2350mm                      2750mm                                    45x45x6

2.0m                 1950mm                          2590mm                      2750mm                                    45x45x6

2.1m                 2050mm                          2720mm                      2750mm                                    45x45x6

2.4m                 2350mm                          3100mm                      2750mm                                    50x50x6

3.0m                 2950mm                          3700mm                      2750mm                                    50x50x6

Other fence heights and pale thicknesses are available on request. We stock standard sizes in both “W” and “D” profiles.


Use of pointed top pales at heights below 1.8m within any palisade fencing system is not recommended. Alternative pale tops or other fencing systems should be used for these heights.



  • Above specification may alter from those illustrated due to continues improvement in design and specification.
  • All the pictures are for illustration purpose and not to scale


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