Bow Top Railing

Vertical Railings:

The system is not just ideal for boundaries also give a finial finish. Vertical railing systems provide a look suits your building or business with robust security.  These railing are available in standard widths also with an option of a wide range of specifications to suit individual’s requirements. Panels are can be manufactured according to site conditions such as raked panels, base plated posts, cranked posts or step down post system etc.


  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Retail Outlets
  • Commercial Business
  • New Build Housing

We can supply a complete range of gates to match railing (Single leaf, Double leafs and cantilever/sliding).

Height            Rail(M/S Flat)           Bar – Dia             Posts                     Post Centre 

0.9m            30×10                     12mm                50×50 SHS          2.80m

1.0m            30×10                     12mm                50×50 SHS         2.80m

1.2m            30×10                     12mm                50×50 SHS         2.80m

1.5m            40×10                      16mm                50×50 SHS         2.68m

1.8m            40×10                     16mm                102×44 RSJ        2.68m

1.8m            50×10                     20mm                102×44 RSJ        2.75m

2.0m            50×10                     20mm                102×44 RSJ        2.75m

2.4m            50×10                     20mm                102×44 RSJ        2.75m

Panel size and specification can be altered to customer requirements.



Fencing mart offers a range of bow bop fencing available in standard panels from stock or bespoke panels can be manufactured to non-standard length, raked and radius with the height option from 600mm to 2000mm. The system is quite easy to install. A panels get bolted (M10x30) with angle cleats and then fixed with post using M10 x90 through bolts. Bow Top system comes with snap off anti tamper nuts protection your railings from thieves.

Applications:   Recreation Areas – Schools – New Build Housing – Children Play Areas


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