358 Prison Mesh

358 mesh is the ultimate mesh among other mesh systems. It is also known as wire-wall system. It is extremely difficult to cut through using conventional wire cutters. It offers maximum security and anti-corrosion protection. This type of fence is recommended where highly security is required. Due to 4mm wire and rectangular mesh configuration, panel gives excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism. Due to a finger and toe proof mesh pattern, this is classified as anti- climb system which makes it ideal solution for highly risk areas.

This system is used extensively by the Ministry of Defence around high security sites.




Prisons – Sport Stadiums – Schools/Hospitals – Commercial Sites – Airports – Power stations – Industrial Estates – Schools – Power stations


Mesh Pattern:          76.2mm x 12.7mm each intersection

Horizontal wires:       4mm wires at 76.2mm centres

Vertical Wires:         4mm wires at 12.7mm centres

Top:                       Panels are flashed at top

Post Centre:             2515mm approximate


Panels are produced from Galvanised wire to BS EN 10244-2:2001 class.


Panels are offered Zinc Phosphate pre-treatment and 100 micron Polyester powder coating on top of pre-galvanise wire (typically 80-100g/m² of Zinc prior to Weld) which gives long lasting protection against the weather conditions.


Standard stock colours:  Green (RAL 6005) and Black (9005)

There is an option of a wide range of RAL colours.

Fence               Panel                      Panel          Number                    Post                        Post     

Height              (H x W)       Weight (kg)     of Fixings              Dimension                   Length

1.2m                1207 x 2515          27.2                       4                      60 x 60                        1.80m

1.8m                1829 x 2515          41.1                       5                      60 x 60                        2.45m

2.0m                2007 x 2515          45.0                       5                      60 x 60                        2.65m

2.1m                2134 x 2515          47.8                       6                      60 x 60                        2.85m

2.4m                2438 x 2515          54.6                       6                      60 x 60                        3.10m

3.0m                2997 x 2515          67.1                       8                      60 x 60                        3.80m

All the above panels are designed for multi lift with suitable post systems.

Panel Types

358 Galfan – 358 Due – 358-Superior – 358 Profiled (Minimum quantity required)

Fixing Systems:

Clip system                                                         Clamp bar system                                            Plate system


  • Above specification may alter from those illustrated due to continues improvement in design and specification.
  • All the pictures are for illustration purpose and not to scale




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