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Gates |   Different types

Gates Locks |  All type of locks

The typical gate locking mechanism is a pad-lockable slide bar. Full protective cowlings are also available by request to provide increased protection to both the slide bar and padlock. Fire Escape / Panic latches can be fitted to single gates where escape routes have to be maintained. Following locking system can be fitted on additional cost.

Timber/Concrete fencing |  Panels and gravel boards

We offer a range of timber fence panels and gravel boards in different styles. A one foot wide concrete base is normally slotted at the bottom between two posts with wooden panel sitting on top, keeps the timber above from the ground to prevent it from rain water and increase its life span. This system is cost affective and used for low to medium security applications. They are normally used at side or rear of domestic and commercial properties due to not looking very pleasant.


PVC Panels can also be used instead of timber panels for better appearance. Steel posts can also be supplied for this fencing system.



Security Products

Razor Wire


Roll Fencing

Pedestrian Barriers

Hoop Fencing

Car Park Barriers

Warehouse anti crush gaurds

Mesh Cages:

Windows, cameras/flood lights

Mesh Enclosures

Stainless Steel Hoop Fencing

Stainless Steel Anti Crush Guards


Stainless Steel Bollards